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MU Online Upgrading Items

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MU Online Upgrading Items

Post by Daezugun on Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:25 am

Example: Dragon Pants+7+Luck+12
- Item Level
- Item Luck
- Item Option

Item Level

0 - 6 Upgraded with Jewel of Bless (100% success) or Jewel of Soul (50% success chance). When a Jewel of Soul fails it reduces the level of the item with 1. Items at level 3 and 4 have a dark red tint. items at level 5 and 6 have a dark blue tint.

7 - 9 Upgraded with Jewel of Soul (50% success chance). When a Jewel of Soul fails for 7 it reduces the level of the item with 1. When it fails for 8 or 9 it reduces the level of the item back to 0. Items at level 7 and 8 have a slight glow usualy in the color of the item. Items at level 9 have a stronger glow.

10 - 15 Upgraded at the Chaos Goblin. The +10 upgrade requires 1 Jewel of Chaos, 1 Jewel of Bless and 1 Jewel of Soul. The +11 upgrade requires 1 additional Jewel of Bless and 1 additional Jewel of Soul (the +15 upgrade requires 1 Chaos, 6 Bless and 6 Soul). Usualy the chances of success are between 40% and 70%. Warning! When an item fails to be upgraded you lose the item. Every 2 upgrades have a different more attractive light effect. Razz Also every upgrade gives you +5% final defense.

Item Option
(+1 up to 7 for HP regeneration)
(+4 up to 28 for damage & defense)
(+5 up to 35 for defense rate) Upgraded with Jewel of Life (50% success chance). When a Jewel of Life fails it reduces the level of the option with 1.

Item Luck
This attribute is not upgradable Items with Luck have +25% success chance on all upgrades. Also every item with Luck increases your critical hit chance with 5%. It is not a good idea to try to upgrade items without Luck.


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