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Game Guide- Rings and Pendants

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Game Guide- Rings and Pendants

Post by Daezugun on Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:51 am

Rings and Pendants
Rings and pendants improve the defenses / attacks of the character elements such as Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison, Moving character, and more.
Importantly, there is no restriction by character (Classes), but like other MU objects, the rings have properties) As opposed to options!) Match or do not match specific skills.
Rings and pendants can wear from certain level (varies by feature and whether the object Exc', antique or regular)
There are three types and three places to put them:
An ordinary object +
Excellent (special( +
Antique +
Only Admin / Programmer can get these objects to +15
Or - purchase in advance at the web shop.
 • Note - It is important to note those Items do not to have Luck option!
Options of Exc' Pendants:
Automatic HP recovery 7%
Exc'"Damage rate + 10%
Increase wizardly Dmg + Level / 20
Increase Attacking (wizardly) speed + 7
Increase-acquisition rate of Life after hunting monsters + life / 8
Increase-acquisition rate of Mane after hunting monsters + mana / 8
Options of Ancient (antiques) Pendants and Rings:
Pendant of Water: Gaion Pendant of Water (+ 5-10 Vit)
Pendant of Fire: Garuda Pendant of Fire (+ 5-10 Str)
Pendant of Lighting: Eplete Pendant of Lightning (+ 5-10 Energy)
Pendant of Ice: Pendant of Ice (+ 5-10 Vitality)
Ring of Earth: Ceto Ring of Earth (+ 5-10 Str)
or Ring of Earth (+ 5-10 Vitality) Vicious Dragon
Ring of Fire: Anubis Ring of Fire (+ 5-10 Energy)
Ring of Wind: Kantata Ring of Wind (+ 5-10 Agi)
Poison of ring: Kantata Ring of Poison (+ 5-10 Vit)
Ring Ice: Ring of Ice (+ 5-10 Agility)
Magic ring: Ring of Magic (+ 5-10 Energy)
• Note:  those ancient Rings and Pendants are part's set of ancient fully, and without their capabilities are limited (see for yourself the add-Stat static score)
•  Note: rings and pendants antique are part of a set full, and without their capabilities are limited (see for yourself the additional pints static stat)
General Features of Rings and Pendants:
Fire - Improves resistance to fire attacks

 Ice - Strengthen your defenses against any attack of Ice

Earth - Defense against an attack that combines features Earth (in combination with Wind, Ice or Fire-Depending on which character class)
Wind - improves resistance especially, in front of the twisting attacks and Combo.
Lighting - Strengthens protection against move the character.
Features of the rings only:
Magic - enhances magic attacks and increases resistance to certain magic attacks (I have not seen a sign of improved protection against Summoner attacks…)
Poison - improves resistance to any attacks of poison.
Available only in Pendants:
Ability - improves the defensive rules, and enhances the case of paralysis
 (eg: Attack Summoner)

Water - This unique skill improves against Aqua Bean Skill.

Note: pendants are an item that helps protect primarily defensive features. They have optional Automatic recovery of the HP 1-7%
Rings are designed mainly for protection, for example:
Fighter has skills related to Wind properties, so Ring of Wind improve protection against another fighter
The Pendant is just the opposite, responsible for strengthening skill, for example:
Lord's Fire skill is dominant trait, if that character Wearing Pendant of Fire, It's strengthens his attack.
In general:
Rings of Fire - Wind- Magic - these we find the following options
 7% of the HP Recovery
Automatic HP Recovery 7%
Increases acquisition rate of Zen after hunting monster +40%
 Max + 4% increase in Mana
% 4+ Inc. Max Mana
 Raise Max HP + 4%
% 4+ Inc. Max HP
 Defense Success Rate +10%
Defense success rate + 10%
Harm reduction + 4%
Damage decrease + 4%
Replace attack power + 5%
Reflect Damage + 5%
Obtaining money (strain) after killing monster + 40%
Increases acquisition rate of Zen after hunting monster + 40%
Pendant options:  Ice \Wind \ Water \ Ability \ Lighting
 7% of the HP Recovery
Automatic HP Recovery 7%
 Great damage probability 10%
Excellent Damage rate + 10%
 Increase the Magic Damage + level / 20
Increase Wizardly Damage + Level / 20
 Increasing the Speed of Magic +7
Increase Attacking (wizardly) Speed + 7
 Increasing Life \ 8 after killing a monster
 Increase of Life-acquisition rate after hunting monsters + life / 8
 Increasing Mana\ HP after killing a monster
 Increase-acquisition rate of Mane after hunting monsters + mana / 8
Each part can add characters, sometimes called the combination of Rings and Pendant – as a "Set"
(For example, Rings of Ice + Pen of Ice = "Ice Set")
Many believe that a combination of types of reinforcing the defenses.
I prefer to combine the features, for example, for the Warrior type - one part Earth 2 parts of Wind.
For Dark Lord - the two parts of Fire and one Earth.
Wizard - Rings of ice and magic. Or Pendant\ Rings of ice and Poison \ one part of Magic.
Now comes the interesting part:
Warrior (BK\BM) and even RF:
The important feature is the Wind, so if we want protection from a fighting Character then we should actually use Ring of Wind (preferably two) and if we are also fighting against Lord- We should use Ring of Wind, Ring of Fire and Pendant of Wind.
Dark Lord or Summoner:
If we fighting against Lord, we should use:
Pendant: Wind
Ring 1: Wind
Ring 2: Fire or Wind.
One can also try a combination of:
Ring 1: Wind or Earth
Ring 2: Wind or Fire
Pendant of Lighting - and why? Pendant of Lighting improve the resistance to move the character from side to side.
DL against another Lord:
Since the main feature is the Fire, so selecting the best set would be:
Pendant of Fire
Ring 1: Fire or Earth
Ring 2: Fire
Try this combination:
Ring 1: Poison or Earth
Ring 2: Wind or Fire
Pendant of Lighting
The main skills usually are Ice and Decay, then against the Wizard should choose:
Pendant of Ice
Ring 1: Ice
Ring 2: Poison
Wizard against Warrior:
Pendant of Ice
Ring 1: Fire
Ring 2: Wind
Magic Gladiator:
using this Character primarily for training or hunt monsters, MG normally uses lightning and Sword's skills.
Therefore, we use two types of Pendant: Wind or Ability.
Pendant: Wind or Ability
Ring 1: Fire
Ring 2: Fire or Ice
One of the dominant skills in PVP is the Ice Arrow, therefore I recommend:
Pendant of Ice
Ring 1: Fire
Ring 2: Wind


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